"The past few years have seen the boundaries of pop music pushed further than ever before as the line between singer/songwriter and electronic producer continues to blur. Denver, CO's Drew Englander, who records under the moniker Real Magic, is continuing to push these boundaries. Drew uses grimey synths and dance beats to sculpt carefully arranged soundscapes that will make you take a step back from the dancefloor to absorb the music with your mind before you let your body back into it. He tops all of this off with his own soaring vocal harmonies which set him apart from many of his computer-manipulated and effect-ridden contemporaries."  - Brooklyn Vegan  


"...heartfelt, fuzzy electronic dance tracks from 26-year-old Denver art school grad Drew Englander aka Real Magic. He claims influence from “shoegaze, R&B, and Grime,” and on “No Things Left” some of that bears out, via tricky, shifty beats adorning club-ready rhythms and a blown-out synth sound. The result is something like Clams Casino crossing into Baths’ beat based realm, with the vocal melodic stylings of Beirut (or his own similarly monikered synth-pop guise, Realpeople)." - Stereogum, "Artist To Watch"

Drew Englander, or Real Magic as he likes to be called, has a voice so cavernous I was surprised to discover he’s not a character from Gulliver’s Travels.  Nope, he’s a normal sized guy with an incredible set of lungs in his chest and I bet he can hold his breath for aaages under water.  Dancing from bass to baritone, and touching on tenor, Englander certainly has some brooding magic in his vocals, blurring the lines between singer-songwriter and producer as he goes. Slow and steady, his words fall over a back drop of glistening light synths and deep, dark bass making The Trance utterly entrancing. - Repeat Button

"Here’s another shot of soaring, beat-heavy electro straight to the veins.  What begins as just another catchy piece of nouveau pop transforms into something so much more as soon as Drew Englander unleashes his captivating baritone vocals.  His honest lyrics and unique vocals are at the forefront and they add an edginess that is undeniably ear-catching.  Upon further listens his production talent sinks in, and it soon become apparent that although his vocals are front and center, every melody that lies behind them are equally fantastic. - Yeti Music

"Drew Englander has a knack for stitching together electronic music that feels hand-made. He keeps his vocal tracks right up front, and that deep timbre of his voice has an intimacy that holds your ear up to the wall, trying to listen to secrets being told on the other side." - YVYNYL

"Drew Englander’s voice lofts above his music like some sort of pious entity over his eager worshipers. . .the beautiful and unique vocals over a condensed and raw electronic landscape, that when mixed give you two strangely opposing feelings simultaneously. Drew’s vocals are clearly all their own, and wholly unique to the kind of music he makes. Once you’ve heard Real Magic, it’s not easy to forget." - Portals  

"His deep brooding vocals are a powerful thing masks over the lush electronic landscape that he crafts. There’s nothing else out there that sounds like what Drew is doing, and that is saying something these days." - We All Want Someone To Shout For

"With a name like "Real Magic" you know that is what he's going to give to you, magic. This fancy new track has a way of getting to your head and calming you down." - Up All Night

"Put this freakishly addicting new noise-pop jam on the latest GITNB mix and have been playing it for some folks, and the general consensus is that Real Magic is the tits." - Gluttony Is The New Black